We're all looking forward to another bout of warmer Toronto weekend weather, right? Well, careful — just as we thought it was about to get better, it seems southern Ontario and the GTA could actually see some more significant snow later this week.

Environment Canada warns that even Toronto could get up to 10 centimetres of snow on Friday, March 6.

There is still some uncertainty as to exactly how this snow will appear, but the accumulation could apparently exceed four inches from the early hours of Friday onwards.

The ECCC's Significant Weather Outlook covers 6 a.m. ET on Friday to the same time on Saturday. It warns: "Snow is forecast to be ongoing early Friday. Snowfall may exceed 10 cm in some locations. Poor conditions will likely have an impact on travel."

Most of the white stuff that falls around Toronto may be the wet kind that doesn't stick too much. However, that can be exactly the type of precipitation that makes for a tough commute. And nobody wants that on a Friday.

The Weather Network states that a significant temperature drop could possibly be expected in the province by Friday.

"Wet snow will develop Thursday night as a clipper tracks through the Great Lakes region with a coating of snow possible on grassy surfaces through the early morning hours," says TWN meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

And that colder air could potentially make the roads more hazardous after any snowfall around the GTA.

Gillham also adds there's a chance of snow showers continuing through Friday, with a bit of cold wind.

So there you have it.

The weekend in parts of southern Ontario is going to feel almost toasty by comparison.

As usual, if you live a little north of the GTA, those snow accumulations are set to increase. TWN suggests 10 centimetres or more is likely to hit the northern GTA.

Meanwhile, heavier lake-effect stuff is expected to come down east of Lake Superior and in more northerly and westerly areas of the province.

In the city of Toronto itself, TWN seems less concerned than Environment Canada, suggesting that not much more than two to five centimetres is actually likely across most of the region. 

And at least if more does come down, it's not expected to last.

Southern areas are expected to enjoy a warm weekend like the one we all got a glimpse of two weeks ago in the 6ix.

For now, though, it might be worth keeping the boots out.

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