While most of us spend our Sunday evenings dreading the work or school grind that comes with a Monday morning, the rain coming to Toronto this week is going to make the start of the weak exceptionally dreary. 

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Tropical Storm Gordon, which is now been declared a depression, has been sweeping up the east coast of America and is now entering Canada to bring on the rain. 

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Environment Canada issued a special weather statement today urging Torontonians to be aware of the massive rainfall that's headed our way. Due to the storm travelling up the eastern side of the country, Toronto will be hit with 20 to 40 millimetres of rain between Monday and Tuesday. 

The storm is expected to begin overnight between Sunday and Monday, carrying on into the beginning of the week. That means the first Monday of the school year will be a rough one for University and College students looking forward to sunshine. 

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With so much water coming in the next few days, Torontonians should prepare for possible flooding in their homes. Plus rain typically means understanding that commuting conditions over the next few days will most likely be slower than normal. 

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Like any weather system, there is some uncertainty of tracking but the rest of Ontario has also been put on watch for rain and stormy conditions.

It's always better to be prepared, so don't forget your umbrella and rainboots when you're heading out the door on Monday morning and start the week off on the right (and dry) foot! 

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