Toronto now has a new initiative to add to its list of sustainable and green projects in the city that will also help combat its massive traffic problem. 

UPS Canada announced today that it will help reduce pollution and traffic by deploying cargo bikes in Toronto. That's right, the company has been trading 18 wheels for 3 (these bicycles are in fact more like tricycles) in countries across Europe for some time now. 

And Toronto is about to be the first city in Canada to join the bandwagon. These miniature, engine-less cargo tricycles are going to be hitting Toronto streets in an effort to decrease the “traffic nightmares that people experience in this city," according to Toronto Mayor John Tory. 

According to Tory and general UPS consensus, UPS cargo bikes have alleviated some of the traffic issues in comparatively busy but geographically smaller cities like Frankfurt, Vienna, Hamburg, and Rome. 

UPS Canada president Christopher Atz also affirms that cargo bikes used by UPS around the world have benefitted sustainability efforts in the areas that they were used. 

This pilot project will begin very soon, and once it's results are evaluated, UPS Canada will determine if cargo bikes are here to stay and if similar projects will be actionable in other parts of Canada. 

For now, the testing area will be confined to a particular region, which UPS Canada has stated will be near York University and its surrounding neighbourhoods. 

But don't worry cyclists - these UPS cargo bikes will not be riding in the bike lane. These custom-made bicycles are approximately 2.8 metres long and weight about 480lbs when empty. Each carrier can hold about 50 parcels, and is equipped with headlights, turn signals, tail lights and hazard signals, all of which are powered by solar panels on the bike's roof. 

We're not sure how long these cargo bikes will last given our bitter, snow-filled winters. But given the unseasonably warm weather Toronto has been having lately, we're hoping to see one of these on the streets soon. 

Source: The Star 

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