Nobody likes a layover, especially not this passenger.

One Toronto woman had an "unruly" and "belligerent" meltdown when she found out her plane was making a scheduled stop.

On the evening of September 28, Manitoba RCMP was notified of a disturbance on a flight coming in from Calgary. The flight was headed for Toronto but had a layover in Winnipeg. 

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A 34-year-old female passenger [..] became unruly when she learned the flight was descending into Winnipeg.

Manitoba RCMP

Once the plane landed in Winnipeg, RCMP officers boarded and asked the woman to leave.

She complied initially, "but continued her belligerent behaviour towards the officers and flight crew," RCMP say.

The woman became "unruly and belligerent" again as she was being escorted from the plane.

She was placed under arrest by Manitoba RCMP and charged with Causing a Disturbance.

Earlier this year, an Ontario-bound passenger forced a plane to make an emergency landing for his abusive behaviour.

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