This is just the kind of adorable content we all need right now. The Toronto Zoo just welcomed a new member to their animal family on March 22 and he's already getting all the love on social media. A mouflon was born this month and his cuteness is just too much to handle.

In a social media post shared by the zoo, the only days-old furry face has already seen so much love online.

"A little mouflon was born on Monday, March 22. Zoo staff processed the little one yesterday it was determined it's a boy," reads the tweet by the Toronto Zoo. 

"He is healthy weighing in at 3.5kg, nursing well and staying close to mom. Keepers have named him Lindo."

In case you're wondering, a mouflon is apparently a subspecies of wild sheep. Sure, we knew that!

In the snaps, Lindo seems to be wearing the smug smirk of an animal that knows how cute he really is.

And the city's animal lovers have made sure to leave comments letting him and the zoo know how they feel.

"Lindo knows he now has the superpowers of cuteness," reads a tweet.

"I’m trying to RT cute animal pics as much as I can lol, I know it helps me and I’m glad it’s helping you too!" reads another.

During times like these, as people are social distancing and staying indoors, these heartwarming pics definitely distract us from the outside world for a moment or two.

And it's a treat for zoo lovers who are unable to go see these adorable animals for themselves.

Luckily for us, the venue has made sure to update its social media pages with the cutest animals during self-isolation.

Have you ever seen a crow play Connect Four before? Well, you have now.

The same goes for Calgary Zoo, where the animals seem to be too busy eating to even realize that there aren't people around.

That may or may not be the same for us at home — we can't confirm.

Just a few months ago, the Toronto Zoo welcomed another pair of friendly faces, two baby hoglets, which were just too precious.

But the zoo isn't the only place where you can enjoy some stunning animals from the comfort of your couch right now.

Ripley's Aquarium has live cams so you can see the beauty of the ocean even with attractions in the city shut.

As far as we're concerned, any and all animal content is a welcome distraction right now.

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