The Raptors aren't the only ones shooting hoops. Over at the zoo, little critters spent some time on the court. Two bearded dragons indulged in some basketball fun yesterday, and they scored major cuteness points. The Toronto Zoo's Raptors game might just be the best match of the season. 

Who says you need hands to play basketball? 

Yesterday, things got heated at the Toronto Zoo as two bearded dragons took to the court for a basketball showdown.

The dragons, named Potato and Yam, enjoyed some time in their very own cardboard arena. 

The court was complete with colourful walls, floor markings, and tiny hoops.

A painted ping-pong ball served as a basketball, which the critters dribbled with their noses.

Mealworms and crickets were added to the court for some extra incentive.

While they may not have performed any slam dunks, they definitely got points for cuteness.

The Toronto Zoo shared some great action shots of the two pals on the court, as well as a heart-warming video of the game.

The zoo has been filling its social feeds with cuteness lately.

Last month, the attraction posted some adorable photos of a baby red panda snoozing on a blanket.

Earlier this year, zoo animals participated in activities such as painting and Connect4.

From arts to sports, it seems like a talented group of animals over there.

Things are heating up in the human world of basketball too.

With the NBA in full swing, Mayor John Tory will be wearing his infamous Raptors jacket for game three.

The Raptors might have some competition now because Potato and Yam look like they mean business.

Maybe the bearded dragons will make it to the big league next season.

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