If you ask us, you know what fixes most problems? Cute, fluffy, baby animals. And, if you subscribe to that same view, Toronto Zoo's wolf pups will be an absolute treat for you. The Zoo announced on July 2 that it's finally named the furry friends and, honestly, they're so cute that we're howling.

The Zoo confirmed back in May that it had a new crop of wolf pups, and the story of their birth is one hell of a wild ride to read.


On Thursday, it revealed that its crop of eight ridiculously adorable pups have finally been given names. They are called Valentina, Igor, Alula, Todrick, Callan, Hamza, Quince, and Veolia.

We don't know about you, but we're not sure animals come much cuter than this. Toronto's animal lovers must be wolfing down this content.

The Toronto Zoo is already open again to members and reopens to the public this Saturday, July 4. So if you want to see these little guys and girls, it might be time to book your visit.

Via The Toronto Zoo
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