Whether you love him or hate him, it would be hard to argue that Drake hasn’t become Toronto’s unofficial ambassador. The Toronto-born rapper, who once acted in the Canadian teen drama Degrassi filmed in Toronto, has referenced the city in his lyrics, featured the CN tower in an album cover, and coined a nickname for the city that finally buried the term “T-dot” for good.

Hell, Drake even redesigned the Toronto Raptors athletic centre to feature his OVO branding, if that’s not evidence of his influence, I don’t know what is. Even the TTC has jumped on the Drake bandwagon. The rapper's famous term “the 6ix” was recently spotted on a TTC bus and shared on Reddit Toronto. Which has many Torontonians saying, “enough already.”

It all started on Monday after a local user shared the photo. The photo shows the sign displayed on a TTC bus, normally used to display the transit vehicle's route and number, displaying Drake's signature term "The 6ix". 

A source at the TTC told Narcity that this particular sign "was created for a bus charter for a photo shoot of a bus. Drivers found the code to the sign and started displaying it on buses after the charter happened. I was the host of this charter and asked for multiple signs to be made," they explained.

The subtle homage to Drake had some users complaining on Twitter:

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“It's really a stupid f*king term. Reads like Sixix. Just call it Trno like a normal person,” joked one user about their preferred term for the city. Here's more of what Toronto's anti-6ixers have to say:

Via Reddit

Other users debated where Drake had pulled the term from, or if he had even invented it at all. One Redditor put the discussion to rest with an excerpt from an old Jimmy Fallon interview:

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"Yes, our area code is 416,” Drake said, laughing. “We were debating on The Four, but I went tail-end on them and went 6. And at one point Toronto was broken up into six areas (Old Toronto, Scarborough, East York, North York, Etobicoke, and York), so it’s all clicking man," quoted the user.

However, according to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the “6ix” was originally used by a Toronto DJ names Michael Di Cosmo. Di Cosmo filed a trademark bid for “the 6ix” back in 2000, way before Drake stepped into the spotlight.

 It's impossible to know whether the “6ix” will stand the test of the time, but at the moment, it appears to be growing increasingly synonymous with our city.

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