Since the beginning of time, Canadians have been figuring out how to make the most of winter. That's been proven again and again with the number of Torontonians going viral after yesterday's storm for doing the wildest things. Since the storm, videos and pictures online have snow people skiing, snowboarding, and even dog-sledding down the snowy streets of Toronto. 

The city was slammed with a record-breaking 26 cm of snow yesterday and overnight. While it wreaked havoc on the roads and left many residents digging out their driveways this morning, some Torontonians found a way to have a little fun. 

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With the snow blanketing every street and sidewalk in the city, walking around was definitely harder than normal. So in an effort to make getting around a little bit easier and also have some fun while doing it a number of Torontonians strapped on skis, snowboards and even loaded up the dog sled last night and this morning. 

Evidence of these wild winter adventures has since been posted online and it is garnering a lot of attention. One Twitter thread, in particular, is being noticed more than others. Shawn Micallef has gotten hundreds of likes and retweets after he documented his journey cross-country skiing in Toronto last night. 

Because of the thick layer of snow on the ground, he officially deemed yesterday "Ski Anywhere Night". That's exactly what he did. 

He wasn't the only one out there, either. Several other people were skiing in the city as well, while some Torontonians also took advantage of the weather to snowboard, or rather "towboard" behind a vehicle down Toronto roads. 

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Another resident even decided to break out the dog sled presumably to get their child to school this morning.

On top of the residents who have been having some fun with the snow, there was also a worker who has been deemed the hardest working man in the city. While many people chose to stay home from work, this worker was out washing windows while the snow fell around him. 

The snow has since stopped falling and Toronto crews have been out there all night and this morning plowing and salting roads in order to get the city back moving. 

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