It may take days for snow removal crews to finish cleaning up the nearly 20 cm of accumulated snow from yesterday's storm in Toronto, according to city officials. Toronto witnessed an intense snowstorm that began early Wednesday morning and didn't come to an end until yesterday's evening commute.  By 4:00 PM, clean up crews had salted highways four times, aerial roads three times, collector roads twice, and local roads just once.

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But salting alone wasn't enough to prevent a buildup of fluffy white snow from wreaking havoc on Toronto roads.  City officials report that plowing didn't begin on local roads until Wednesday evening.

According to Mark Mills, Toronto's superintendent of road operations, "We will review some of our local streets after this storm to see if we need to get into some of those streets to remove the snow. I think we may have to but that has yet to be determined...We think this will all be cleaned up maybe into Friday or Saturday morning and then we will have crews out there to assess what needs to be done.”

Mills has admitted that the storm "didn't happen at the greatest of times", as most city plows and salt trucks were blocked by the huge piles of snow that they were trying to clean up. Crews will continue to work as possible to get it cleared.

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But, a large number of Toronto residents aren't as optimistic.  Many frustrated with the lack of snow removal have taken to social media to air their grievances:

Some people have even reported injuries as a result of slippery sidewalk patches blanketed with snow.

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“It will extend our times to complete the plowing but please have extreme patience and give our crews the time and space necessary and we will get these roads in good shape,” Mills told CP24

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