An online discussion on Reddit Toronto seems to have uncovered a disturbing pattern of sexual assaults that took place on the same bus. The discussion first began after a female user posted a harrowing personal story about being sexually assaulted while riding the 939 TTC bus from Seneca College to Finch Station.

In her post, the woman describes the suspect as an Asian, male, in his late 50’s to early ’60s, short grey hair, grey goatee, dark skin with an average build. The woman also reported that her attacker was wearing a navy winter jacket and carrying a grey backpack at the time of the assault.

According to the woman, the man used the crowded bus to his advantage, leaning in close to her before subtly trying to grab at her legs. “I knew he did it on purpose and couldn’t wait to get off. When the bus stopped at Finch, he grabbed my thigh and squeezed it,” wrote the woman in a detailed description of the incident which was posted on Reddit last night.

Via Reddit

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The woman eventually confronted the man, pushing him and shouting at him to leave her alone. The man then disappeared into the crowd as the woman helplessly attempted to hold him accountable for disturbing actions. “I tried to grab his jacket, but there were two people between us already. I could do nothing,” she wrote.

The woman’s description of the incident inspired another user to share an eerily similar experience while travelling on the 939 bus:

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"A few months ago on the 939 an older man came and sat near me in a row of 3 seats. It wasn't too crowded, but he sat closer than necessary and kept looking over at me... I've been there before so same as you, I moved away in my seat and ignored him. Then when the bus stopped and mildly jostled us he grabbed my thigh to 'catch' himself," wrote the other user.

Redditors rallied behind the two victims and encouraged them to report the suspect to the police while thanking them for sharing their deeply personal stories in the hopes of identifying them.

Via Reddit

According to the woman, a report has been filed with police. Police have yet to issue a news release or public statement describing the incident. 

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