As you're likely aware, it's illegal to bring your weed stash with you across the border, despite it being legal for recreational use in Canada. Toronto's Pearson International Airport had the right idea by providing travellers with a designated trash can to dump their marijuana before entering US Customs. 

But naturally, the Internet came up with a completely new definition for it, dubbing it Pearson Airport's very own "free weed" bin. The photo of the trash can first appeared on Reddit and has completely blown up since. Redditors got way too excited about the prospect of an entire trash bin filled with free weed - apparently, it became such a concern that airport authorities have decided to address it with the media.

Via SalishSailor, Reddit

According to Gizmodo, a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority had this to say  - "'Free weed' is resoundingly incorrect, and I think that’s putting it mildly. Once something goes into the container, it doesn’t come out." 

"The new cannabis disposal containers will be securely closed to allow deposits into them, with nothing taken out. These containers will continue to be monitored," the spokesperson said. There are reportedly three marijuana disposal bins in the airport, each at different security checkpoints.

The disposal bins are only a temporary fix, as the airport works on a more permanent solution to cannabis disposal at the security border.

So there you have it, Toronto. If you're looking for weed, your best (and only) option is to buy it from the Ontario Cannabis Store

Source: Gizmodo




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