You may not be able to skate on Lake Ontario throughout the winter months, but you can skate right beside Lake Ontario this winter which is basically the same thing. 

Natrel Rink, the self-proclaimed "most scenic rink in the city", is officially open for winter! Located on the province's beloved lake shore, the Natrel Rink has been gracing the city's shoreline for over 30 years. 

via @morganhoff

And part of its huge popularity for years in the city is due to its unparalleled views of the water and the fact that skating on at this quaint rink has always been FREE!

Best of all, if you're looking to refuel and warm up after a night of skating, the rink serves hot food and drinks at their rink-side restaurant, the delicious Boxcar Social. 

via @boxcar_social

The outdoor rink basically sticks around as long as the cold weather does, and the facility offers skate rental and locker rooms for its guests. You can learn more about the Natrel Rink here

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