In a meeting with the TTC's audit and risk management committee on Tuesday, Toronto's Auditor General has confirmed that $61 million worth of fares was lost in 2018 due to a variety of methods that are being used by Torontonians to evade paying their fare. One of the most surprising methods commuters are using to evade paying their fares is using their dogs as a way to sneak onto the TTC. 

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In a video that was posted by the Toronto Auditor General, it shows video surveillance of a commuter using their dog as a way to get open a Presto gate on the TTC. The customer was seen guiding their dog underneath the Presto gate, before calling them back towards them to trigger the gate to open. The commuter was then able to sneak in through the open gate without paying. 

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Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler states that people are using their "well-trained dogs" as a way to enter the subway system without paying any form of fare. It is not clear how many times this issue has occurred throughout the year of 2018. 

Via Toronto Auditor General | Youtube

This isn't the only way people are sneaking onto the TTC. Romeo-Beehler also states that people are constantly squeezing through gates, hopping over fences, using their bags to trigger the exit to open and even tailgating other customers who have already paid to sneak past the gates.

Adults using child Presto cards are another common way Torontonians have been able to sneak onto the TTC without paying. Child Presto cards, which are meant for children 12 and under to ride for free, are constantly being used by adults. 

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Since there is no distinction between a child Presto card and an adult Presto card, it has become extremely easy for any TTC user to use it without any repercussions.  

TTC is now being asked to deal with these problems, and find solutions to the millions of fare evasions that have started to occur. Romeo-Beehler is currently looking into improving the Presto system and to close unattended crash gates. 

However, since Presto cards are the property of Metrolinx, TTC is unable to confiscate andy fraudulently-used Presto cards at the moment. Romeo-Beehler's reports are suggesting that child Presto cards be temporarily suspended until the issue can be resolved. 

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Anyone who is caught evading their fare can receive a fine of at least $235. 

Source: CBC News 

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