We all have some nightmarish story about going though airport security. Maybe they made a big deal about taking something from you that clearly wasn't dangerous to anyone (like who has ever killed anyone with nail clippers?) or they just generally gave you a hard time over nothing.   

Add that to the incredibly long lineups and the anxiety involved, it's just an overall unpleasant experience.    

And now Billy Bishop Airport on the Toronto Islands has somehow made it worse.   

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Billy Bishop is introducing new upgraded security measures for those taking the ferry to the island. 

As part of security regulations put in place by Transport Canada under the Domestic Ferry Security Regulations, the enhanced screening procedure will randomly check baggage and/ or belongs of some passengers for the presence of explosives,” Toronto Ports said in a statement on its website.  

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If you're wondering what exactly the enhanced security will look like the website says they will be "swabbing the exterior of the baggage and/or belongings and analyzing the swab taken with a portable detection device."  

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It does not appear that the new measures will apply to those who use the pedestrian tunnel to get to the airport.  

So if you are planning on taking the ferry to catch your next flight on the island be prepared for someone to maybe check you bag before you're even on the boat.   

Sources: GlobalToronto Ports

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