Broadview Station has been shut down again this morning after emergency services were alerted to the second suspicious package to be found at the station this week. According to police, the package was located near the station’s bus terminal by special constables around 6:30 AM.

“It was left discarded, it was in a visible area, so more of a likelihood that whoever put that package there intended for someone to react to it,” stated Inspector Anthony Paoletta to CityNews. The package was later deemed not to be dangerous, but investigators nevertheless suspect that whoever left it there did so on purpose.

Trains are currently bypassing the station as police continue to investigate the matter. Shuttle buses will run between Pape and Castle Frank stations in the meantime. Buses and streetcars will also not be permitted to enter the area due to the security risk.

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An identical situation unfolded on Monday when Police discovered a suspicious package at Broadview Station which resulted in trains bypassing the station for over four hours. Police later released the identity of their suspect, 53-year-old Kamal Badri, who is wanted in connection to the package.

Via Toronto Police Services

Disgruntled commuters have taken to Twitter this morning to vent their frustration over the station's second shutdown:

TTC shuttle buses have a reputation amongst daily commuter as being overcrowded and uncomfortable. The bustling morning rush to work becomes all the more taxing when you are forced to cram onto a bus into the leisure a subway train.

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It is unclear at this moment whether or not police believe the suspect to be connected to both packages or if they are considering the second package to be a separate incident. It’s possible that the first disruption gave another suspect the idea to cause a little chaos themselves, but as of right now, information is limited on the matter.

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