After a full day of rescue efforts, Toronto's crane raccoon is still hanging out, high as a kite, an entire day after it was first spotted on August 10.

The raccoon got itself in a precarious situation when it climbed up a construction crane early on Monday morning. Tweets suggest it had been stuck since well before 8 a.m. As of 5:45 p.m., it was still there.

If we tried to get the raccoon down, [..] it would likely become scared and either fall or jump.

Toronto CCO Brad Ross

City of Toronto Chief Communications Officer Brad Ross took to Twitter this afternoon to provide an update on our newly-famous furry friend: 

"Raccoons are expert climbers, and this isn’t the first time a raccoon has made its way up a crane. A trap has been set inside the operator cab and it will be well looked after when it finally gets bored of the view," he posted on his Twitter account.

He added that Toronto Wildlife Centre has advised that the raccoon's "best chance for survival" is for it to find a way down on its own.

The construction site workers have also been trying to lure the raccoon down by hoisting up a cage filled with food halfway up the crane. 

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