The good times never last forever, but it's always hard to see them go. On Monday, Toronto's Crocodile Rock, a popular bar-nightclub, announced that it would be closing permanently after over 25 years of business in the city. The post stated that it was "sorry" that it would no longer be able to serve its guests. 

The multi-level bar revealed in a Facebook post that its owners could not afford to keep the bar open any longer. Instead, it would be shutting its doors to the once-popular location. 

However, the bar did hint that they would hopefully be able to start a "new chapter" and that they would be reunited with their loyal guests once again. 

"After almost 30 years, it is time to say goodbye. The ownership group from Crocodile Rock has unfortunately been put in a position to permanently close our doors. We want to thank our valued customers and staff for years of loyalty, support, and friendship," read a statement on the club's website.

"The people we had working for us were the backbone of our success, and we are sorry we can't have you back. We are confident our paths will cross again, and we hope to start a new chapter in our lives and make some new memories," the statement concluded.

Anyone who has ever travelled down to the Adelaide and Duncan area to enjoy the 6ix's nightlife will probably remember Croc Rock. 

The downtown staple won club-goers over for almost three decades with its cheap drinks, classic playlist, and all-around unique vibe.

However, now residents are saying goodbye to the once-popular spot. 

It's worth noting that Crocodile Rock did not get into its reasoning for closing in its farewell message, but the thriving spot has been closed for weeks due to city-wide lockdown.

However, it is only one of the multiple venues that have announced their closures over the past few weeks.

The Westerly Kitchen and Bar, Vesuvio Pizzeria and Spaghetti House, and Hawthorne Food and Drink are some of the many that have announced that they would not be re-opening after the pandemic. 

Vesuvio Pizzeria even admitted that their business was forced to close due to the stress of COVID-19


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