Canada's busiest intersection is just a few billboards away from becoming an exact replica of New York City's Times Square. The bustling square is already engulfed in massive ad screens, and is slated to get yet another over-the-top digital display. 

Dundas Square is one of Toronto's greatest landmarks and tourist attractions. Nearly 130,000 people cross through Yonge Street and Dundas Street every single day. 

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Adding to the intersection's growing collection of massive digital screens and bright advertisements, a new display may soon illuminate the square. It's likely going to be the biggest one yet, and will feature a completely unique shape.

New renderings of the display show a massive curved digital billboard to replace the trio of existing signs plastered across 10 Dundas East. The screen, which is actually made up of 536 smaller screens, would swallow up 778.9 square metres of space.

Here's what the latest addition to Toronto's valley of consumerism will look like:

Via Urban Toronto

Dundas Square already glows around the clock from artificial light. This mega addition would be the very latest instalment of new digital billboards in the area. Just recently, a massive display popped up above the former Hard Rock Cafe. 

The new display is the product of Kramer Design Associates, the design firm responsible for iconic digital signage across the country, including CBS Vancouver, Mississauga's Celebration Square, Roy Thompson Hall and Ryerson University's Ted Rogers Business School displays. 

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The Hard Rock is being replaced by Shoppers Drug Mart's new flagship store, which features a continuous curved display similar to the new proposed sign. 

To see more renderings of the new Dundas Square display, check out KDA's website.

Source: Urban Toronto

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