Toronto has been an absolute mess lately. This week's brutal weather has been the worst we've seen so far this winter and it's safe to say that it caused chaos across the city. Well, your Friday just got even better because Toronto's extreme cold weather has finally ended and above-seasonal temperatures are on their way to the city. Yeah, it's about time!

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As a Torontonian, the best thing you could have done this week is stay inside as much as possible. The city was plagued by major TTC delays, shutdowns across the city, flight delays at Pearson and hundreds of bad car accidents. The comfort of your own home sounds much more appealing, right? Sign us up for a night in. 

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The city even broke single-day snowfall records earlier this weekAfter what seems like forever, warmer temperatures and milder winter weather are finally making a comeback in Toronto this weekend. After all the chaos that took place this week in the city, we're so ready for the weekend to be a completely different story. 

Today, Environment Canada has finally lifted their extreme cold weather warning for Toronto and most of Southern Ontario. The only weather alerts in place for Ontario right now are in Northern Ontario and a few in the southern parts of the province. 

Northern Ontario: 

Via Environment Canada

Southern Ontario:  

Via Environment Canada

The weather forecast is also showing much friendlier temperatures than the previous days. The Weather Channel is actually forecasting temperatures above zero this weekend – a sight we never thought we'd see again this soon after being traumatized by the -30°C weather we had this week. 

There's also no snow in the forecast for the weekend, meaning we can avoid experiencing another winter blizzard. Check out the weather forecast from The Weather Channel for the weekend below!

Via The Weather Channel

For next week as well, the forecast is also looking better than this week already. Temperatures will be much closer to 0°C or even warmer on some days. There isn't expected to be any snow until Thursday, but even then it's only forecasted to be 3 to 7 cm, according to The Weather Channel

Check out the forecast from next week from Monday, February 4th to Friday, February 8th below! 

Via The Weather Channel

We'll take this weekend's weather over this week's weather any day. So go out and enjoy your weekend Torontonians – it'll finally be safer to go outside, but winter weather can be brutal regardless, so if you need an excuse to stay in and binge watch Netflix, you can blame winter. 

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