Weird food trends seem to be taking over the city: Sushi donuts, gourmet hot dogs, drinking out of lightbulbs...the list is really endless.

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One food trend that has been sweeping the Internet have been ramen burgers: instead of regular buns, these burgers feature two "buns" made from crispy ramen noodles with a patty in between. This ramen creation is now officially available in Toronto at Kaboom Chicken, located at 722 Queen ST W!

Their version's patty is actually fried boneless Korean chicken that the restaurant is named after. But this restaurant isn't just a one-time novelty visit. They have endless other delicious dishes that you should definitely try !

via @kaboomchicken

Korean fried chicken on Hong Kong bubble waffles? YES PLEASE!

via @kaboomchicken

The space is open and simple, with a fast-food vibe due to the quick service, but definitely not skimping on the flavour!

via @dreyray

They also have vegetarian options, like these adorable little kimchi rice balls!

via @kaboomchicken

Their sides are just as great as their mains, including some VERY loaded up fries.

via @kaboomchicken

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