Good news for Torontonians! Thirteen thousand residents in multiple parts of the city will be getting free WiFi hotspots delivered to them. Toronto's free WiFi aims to get internet to multiple low-income neighbourhoods across the 6ix. 

The Digital Canopy project will be giving residents free internet for up to a year. 

According to a news release, it's a $1 million dollar investment, and some towers have already been set up with 2,000 people already benefiting. 

"The first Digital Canopy site is now live at 200 and 210 Woolner Avenue, enabling internet access for approximately 2,000 residents in this Rockcliffe-Smyth community," says the statement. 

Other communities, "including Thorncliffe Park, West Hill, Scarborough Village and others," will also be served by the end of 2020. 

So if you live in one of these areas, you may be eligible for this new initiative. 

The release states that by the end of 2020, there are expected to be 25 WiFi hotspots set up across the city, which will service 6,600 units or about 13,000 people. 

The initiative began in response to the pandemic, which has made the internet an essential service

Remote work and learning have been widely introduced into daily life, and more people in the city will now have access to crucial online resources. 

"Having reliable internet is fundamental for online school and distance learning, remote work and maintaining important social connections," said Wayne Cuervo, Director, Cisco Innovation Labs.

However, this isn't the first time free internet access has been provided across Toronto.

A few months ago, a pilot project with free WiFi in parks was also introduced in the same area that has received the first hotspot. 

As the winter months approach, the City is moving on to bigger and better ways to get people connected. 

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