Toronto's gay village has been under a dark cloud ever since last Saturday when 22-year-old Tess Richey went out for the night but never came home. The tragic story has resulted in the exposure of several other missing person cases within the gay village that have caught the concern of the public. 

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Tess Richey, a North Bay native living in the city was found dead four days after her disappearance in the Church and Wellesley area by her own mother, and now the public and her family are questioning the police's involvement in the investigation.

Richey's last recorded interaction was before her friend left for the night, it was recorded that the young woman was with a man between 2AM and 5AM that the police are still searching for, just before she had disappeared. She wasn't heard from again until her mother found her body near the area she had last been seen.

Since the story of Tess Richey has surfaced, other haunting stories of disappearances in the village are coming to light and Torontonians want answers. Another high profile case being the disappearance of Alloura Wells, a 27-year-old transgender woman who was popular in the area. She had gone missing in July, though while her body was found in August, she wasn't identified until this past month. 

A recent Instagram post has been circulating online in light of the overall concern for the village area claiming that 5 young people have gone missing in the past few days, though these claims have not been confirmed yet: 

As noted in the Instagram post, people in the area have been saying that others have experienced being approached by "fake Ubers" recently. These being people who approach pedestrians on their phones who look as if they are waiting for an Uber, and claiming to be their ride. 

Regardless of whether the claims circulating social media at the moment are true or not, the gay village is definitely on edge and it's always important to keep safe. Try to always walk with a buddy at night, double check your Uber's license plate to make sure it's your car and be overall vigilant. 

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