The commute is looking messy on Highway 400 after a 20 car pile-up stopped traffic this Thursday afternoon. Drivers are being warned to plan a different route if they are attempting to drive in today's weather conditions because cars are currently being towed from the crash. The Highway 400 traffic jam is currently causing a snowy disaster. 

Sergeant Kerry Schmidt of the OPP announced earlier this afternoon that there was a 20 car pile-up on the northbound lanes of Highway 400 at Innisfil Beach Rd. near Barrie, causing multiple road closures as they attempted to deal with the mess. 

Since then, traffic has been at a standstill, as tow trucks try to remove the vehicles from the road. 

There have been no serious injuries reported yet, but the OPP is still investigating the accident.  

The multi-vehicle collision happened at around 1 p.m. and clean up is still underway. Although officers are working to clear up the mess, removing 20 cars from the highway is expected to take some time. 

With the low visibility and massive traffic jam that has accumulated, people have been sharing their photos online while stuck in traffic. 

It's advised that you not drive today if it's not crucial, because the roads are coated in snow. 

Multiple drivers captured the massive line with a video while they were driving southbound on the opposite lane. As you can see, all northbound lanes are absolutely jammed.

The police have also shared images of all the towing they are trying to get done on this grey and windy afternoon. 

Soth Simoce Police even tweeted a warning stating: "Multiple collisions on Highway 400. Northbound traffic being redirected off at Highway 88." 

Police have reopened the southbound lanes, according to CP24.

The northbound lanes are still immobilized as crews work to clear up the roads.

If you have the option to, make sure to stay indoors today as the snow continues to fall! 

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