Last week, Torontonians lined up along Queen Street West to experience the city’s first legal cannabis retail store. It was an exciting day, but it appears that excitement has turned into disappointment for some. After comparing their prices to those on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) website, it's clear that Toronto's Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. is being accused of overcharging customers on products

Weedmaps users were particularly harsh in their reviews of Hunny Pot, with several of them criticizing the legal cannabis shop for charging more money for the same exact cannabis products featured on

“Exact same weed as OCS (mostly bad quality), but at much higher prices. Stupidly expensive compared to non-OCS stores. Gave two stars only because it may be helpful for new consumers that don’t want to educate themselves before going,” wrote one unimpressed user.

Other users were more sympathetic in their approach but agreed that the cannabis being sold at Hunny Pot wasn’t anything special.

“Yeah, it’s just overpriced OCS weed. But... at least it’s a step in the right direction. One of the first LEGAL dispensary stores, though it has only OCS stock we’ve all hated online, at least now there’s no shipping fee.”

Because Hunny Pot has no online menu, Ontarians aren't able to compare prices unless they visit the store. However, I happened to stop by the shop during its opening, and after comparing my receipt to what I saw for sale on the OSC, I can confirm that Hunny Pot's prices are slightly higher.

I purchased two grams of Blue Dream, a Sativa strain which goes for $10 a gram on I paid $11.15 in store at the Hunny Pot. I reached out to the Hunny Pot for comment on their pricing; this was their response: 

“Your question on pricing is a fair one and one that we are happy to address. Hunny Pot is a business like any other business and we work towards margins that will allow us to be a successful and sustainable business long-term.  With just one week under our belt, we are constantly monitoring how consumers are responding to the prices and we expect many things to change but only time will tell. We plan to execute ongoing consultation, both internally and externally, as we all move forward together.  For now, we are committed to delivering the Hunny Pot experience to all guests and ensuring education is at the forefront,” says Cam Brown, the Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.'s Communications Officer.

Although the negative buzz is a little jarring, at least the Hunny Pot is not turning a blind eye to the concerns of their consumers and will be making adjustments as they go to improve their experience. 

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