Most Toronto Raptors fans have barely had a moment to catch a breath following their glorious defeat over the Golden State Warriors last night. While many fans are waking up this weekend nursing hangovers from celebrating the 105-92 victory yesterday, there are some super-fans who are taking it to the next level to ensure they will have a spot in Toronto’s Jurassic Park to watch the team play Game 5 in two days time.

The Raptors are currently leading the Golden State Warriors 3 games to 1, as they go into the fifth on Monday. As this game could potentially lead to a groundbreaking and historic win, the Raptor’s super-fans are simply not prepared to miss it, and have already started to camp out in line outside the Scotiabank Arena.

Jurassic Park, which is an organized open-air viewing area, has held thousands of fans over the last few weeks to watch the Raptors compete in the NBA Finals. The location is well-known for having a phenomenal atmosphere pre- and post-game and is the next best thing to being inside the arena.

According to CP24, several super-fans from Cambridge, Ontario began to line up at 12:30 AM on Saturday morning, less than an hour after the Raptors won their Friday night game. Reports say they have set up a tent outside the arena and will wait there until Monday’s game, to ensure that they are the first people inside Jurassic Park for Game 5.

Speaking to CP24, they said “It is history in Ontario and Canada and I want to be there to witness it first-hand because it will probably never happen again.” One fan added “It is surreal. You have seen the lineups day in and day out for games and to be actually number one (in the line) for this, it’s breathtaking.”

The fans, although incredibly eager, are right to be prepared as Jurassic Park has been at full capacity throughout the NBA Finals and is filling up hours in advance of the game. While these fans are extraordinarily early, it is not uncommon for fans to be queueing up as early as 24 hours prior to the game starting in order to nab the best spots.

As the Raptor’s next game will not be played until Monday night, the fans have got a long weekend ahead of them. In preparation, they have a tent to sleep in, a cooler filled with food and water, and a butane stove to cook the bacon, eggs, hot dogs and steaks that they have packed. They told CP24 that they are “using washrooms that have been set up near the lineup area by the team”.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users were the first to notice that fans had already started to gather at Jurassic Park, with one person tweeting “There are people already starting to lineup at Jurassic park!”

Wherever you decide to watch the game on Monday, make sure you are getting ready early, it looks like it's going to be a busy one across the country!

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