It looks like Toronto may be in for a long, hot summer this year — based on Accuweather’s latest monthly weather forecasts, it looks like the city can expect to see 20-degree weather all summer, with no temperatures dropping below that until the start of fall.

Summer begins on June 21 and ends on September 22, which means Toronto will be blessed with a total of 93 days of consistently warm weather. Temperatures reported by the forecasts appear to get slightly warmer as we progress through June, July and August, with fluctuations occurring between the low and high twenties.


Toronto Weather In June


Toronto Weather In June


Toronto Weather In July


It's still too early to give a full forecast for August and September, but if the historical averages indicate anything, it could mean that there's a chance the 20-degree pattern will continue until the end of summer for this year as well:

Toronto Weather In August

The increased heat and humidity during this period will also create the perfect conditions for rain and thunderstorms, so the city may be in for a stormier season than usual. Such may be the case particularly for July, which shows a high frequency of precipitation and thunder events within its second and third weeks.

Of course, as with all forecasts there is never any complete certainty and things could very well change once we actually enter into the summer season. However, with prior forecasts predicting that the entire province will face a long, hot summer this year, there may be a chance that Accuweather’s long-term forecasts for Toronto actually end up coming true.

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