A completely unique skating experience is coming to Toronto very soon. As many Torontonians know, the City of Toronto partnered with philanthropists to transform the space underneath the Gardiner into a public space for everyone to enjoy. 

This new space is currently being converted into a 250-metre skating trail that will be accessible in both the winter and summer months, alternating between an asphalt trail in the summer nearly any sport on wheels and into a skating trail throughout the winter. 

The project, which is now called The Bentway, will transform the areas beneath the Expressway into dynamic community spaces that will host a range of cultural programming, creating an outdoor space for the 70,000 residents living in nearby neighbourhoods. 

And as construction is well underway, it looks like The Bentway will be complete within its projected timeline, which tentatively set the opening date to be this winter, most likely closer to the beginning of 2018. 

A huge opening party is scheduled to take place in early January, and the path will be open to the public for the entire outdoor skating season, which usually begins in January anyway, depending on the weather. 

Eventually, the space will include a grassy amphitheatre for music performances and movie screenings during the warmer months, along with a wooden boardwalk near Fort York and a multi-purpose trail for cyclists and pedestrians.    

Source: The Star, Urban Toronto 

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