SmartTrack, the pillar of Mayor John Tory's election campaign, is finally being a reality, as the City of Toronto officially approves the construction of 6 new SmartTrack stations in the 6ix. 

During a city council meeting in Toronto on Tuesday, members voted 36-6 in favour of the new stations which will be built on GO Transit lines throughout the city.  

Calling the approval of the SmartTrack stations a "huge step" for faster, more efficient transit in Toronto, Tory said that these new stations will be given an high priority and the city is prepared to have these ready for business as soon as 2024, which is faster than most other transit plans for the city. 

Since January 2015, the City of Toronto, Metrolinx and the TTC have been focused on planning the SmartTrack/GO integration after City Council approved a joint venture of the two transit systems. 

The major push for SmartTrack stations is to provide increased transit options for the people of Toronto by using existing GO corridors. Eventually, the city plans to create more longterm transit options to seamlessly connect the entire city. 

Source: City of Toronto, CBC

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