After a much-anticipated wait, another Toronto Chick-fil-A opened its doors on Tuesday morning and it’s already as busy as the last one. The new restaurant, which is located in Yorkdale Shopping Centre, has had the attention of chicken lovers across the city ever since it was announced. 

If anything was proven by the opening of the franchise's last location in Toronto, it’s that delicious chicken sandwiches can cause quite the stir in the 6ix.

So, let’s take a look inside the already buzzing restaurant.

Unlike the first location, this new Chick-fil-A doesn't have its own space. Since it's located inside the shopping centre's food court, it resembles what you would expect any mall kiosk to look like. 

However, that hasn’t stopped long lines of eager customers from showing up early this morning to sample the spot’s signature dishes.

Its logo's bright neon sign is one of the main things that distinguishes the restaurant from others in the food court. The long line also helps point customers in the right direction. 

However, how the employees are taking orders puts them apart from their food court competition. 

According to a news release from last week, the chicken franchise will be using an ordering method called in-line ordering.

Employees will be taking orders on tablets while customers are still in line for maximum efficiency, making the chicken franchise the only quick-service fast-food chain in Toronto using this ordering method. 

Also, unlike the first opening of Chick-fil-A back in September, 
the grand opening of the Yorkdale location is missing the protesters.

Several protests disrupted the opening of the franchise’s first Toronto location, located at 1 Bloor East, back in September.

Its opening received widespread media attention due to the company’s controversial financial support to groups opposing same-sex marriage and who push gay conversion therapy.

The chain did announce plans back in November to shift its charitable focus to education, homelessness, and hunger.


For any newbies who aren't aware of the popular restaurant's menu, some of Toronto's favourite menu items include the Original Chicken Sandwich as well as the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

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