It's now next to impossible to get your noisy neighbour shut down thanks to changes to Toronto's noise complaints system. 

Recently the responsibility to respond to noise complaints shifted from Toronto Police to the city's bylaw officers, who according to the Toronto website don't even work at night time. 

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With this change, the city also reviewed how they will respond to these non-emergency calls. A one time noise complaint is given lowest priority and will only be monitored, meanwhile noise that re-occurs regularly is given top priority, but even that isn't investigated for 24 hours. 

So if you want to complain about loud music late at night, you would be lucky if they even investigate at all. 

Via City of Toronto

The Toronto noise bylaws cover everything from leaf blowers, construction, car alarms, and loud parties. But with the new system, unless your neighbour is using their leaf blower everyday, these types of incidents will be low priority. In those cases, the offenders will receive a warning notice from the city, but no legal action or fines will be imposed unless it happens again. 

That being said, the city is still encouraging Torontonians to call the police if noise is being caused by violence, criminal activity, or a loud party, so there is still some hope if you were looking to shut down a late night rager. 

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