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Tomorrow morning, make sure to wake up extra early to see a floating bloody orb in the skies over Toronto. No, this isn't a sign of the apocalypse, or an elaborate Halloween prank, the "Blood Moon" to appear over Toronto is just a routine lunar eclipse, with a very badass name.

October 8th's Blood Moon will hit the skyline in the early morning at 5am, just before sunrise. According to, Torontonias will be able to best see the Blood Moon starting at 6:30am, with the eclipse lasting 'til 8am.

Something called a "Blood Moon" is incredibly appropriate for the month of October, but they do happen all the time. Actually, a Blood Moon is just the new name people have been using for your standard lunar eclipse, with the more horrific title gaining popularity in the last couple of years.

The moon will gain its red hue as it moves directly opposite of the Earth, which is how a lunar eclipse occurs. Some light does make it to the natural satellite, however, first hitting the Earth which adds a crimson hue, hence the term "Blood Moon."

Part of a "tetrad," a set of four eclipses, tomorrow's Blood Moon is the second in the series, the first having occurred last April. Eclipses are separated by six months, so if you miss tomorrow's, you can expect another in April 2015 and the last in October 2015.

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