Toronto Police announced recently that they will be taking a little break for the holidays, at least their parking enforcement division will. On December 25th, December 26th, and January 1st Toronto parking officers will not be enforcing a number of street parking bylaws in the city.  In their announcement, police confirmed that they won't be enforcing metered or pay-and-display spots, rush hour routes, or any Monday-Friday restricted areas in the city on those days. This doesn't include parking lots or garages, though.

All other parking by-laws will also still be enforced, like those about blocking drive-ways, weekend parking rules, and some hourly restrictions throughout the city too. For example, you still technically won't be allowed to park anywhere for more than three hours, you can't park within nine meters of an intersection, and this should go without saying, but you also can't park on sidewalks. 

None the less, even with the number of by-laws still being enforced, this is really good for Torontonians, especially when it comes to the metered parking. Since nobody will be monitoring any of the paid street parking areas in Toronto that means on those three days street parking in a lot of spots around the city will be completely free. Think of it as Toronto Police's Christmas gift to us.

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The Boxing Day break is particularly exciting for Torontonians who are planning to head out and do some shopping in the city.

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For example, if you want to go down to the Eaton Centre but want to drive there instead of taking public transit, now you can score some prime street parking in the area. 

This is a big financial win for you since the Yonge and Dundas area, the heart of downtown Toronto, is officially the most expensive part of the city to pay and park in.

According to Green P Parking, the rates for street parking in this area are $5/hour which is the highest rate Green P has in Toronto. That means your three-hour shopping trip would have cost an extra $15. 

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While this parking enforcement police break is really welcomed this holiday season, keep in mind that other than the three areas outlined by police, all other officers will still be on duty and everything is still illegal. 

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