We know it is still somehow the dead of winter still but if you think about it we’re actually pretty close to summer if you really think about it. June is only 2 months away from now and with June comes Pride Month in Toronto.

The actual pride parade is set to take place on June 24 of this year and preparations are underway to ensure this is the best pride parade the city has ever scene.

Pride Toronto recently unveiled the official theme of this year’s pride month and we think that it is something that everyone can get behind, whether they plan on taking part on the festivities or not. 

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So what is the theme of this year’s pride month?

Pride has announced that the theme will be ’35 Years of AIDS Activism.’ This is meant to express the spirit of the largest pride parade in North America says Pride Toronto. 

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In a statement the organization released it says, “our theme focuses on people who struggled and the organizations that exist to support them.”

They go on to say “We honour the stories of resistance and of loss and pain; then and now. Our theme expresses freedom. The lines are as jagged as the community and the colours just as bright.” 

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The statement ends with the words “Our imagery is steeped in the history of queerness but firmly fixed to the future which is diverse, sexuality and gender defying, brave, and proud.”

Pride month will run for the entire month of June and this is a theme that just about everyone should have no issues getting behind and supporting. 

You can see the video Pride Toronto announced the theme in below.  

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