Toronto's mysterious serial pooper is still at large, but new details suggest why he has been leaving his mark all over the city. 

Obviously, people are shocked by the concept of someone taking a crap in public and the people of Soho Square definitely want to catch the guy, but most people really just want to know why someone would even do something like that. 

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According to experts, there are a few reasons why people crap in public. In some cases, it is anxiety or nervousness, like someone being literally scared shitless. Others are related to diseases or unfortunately timed bouts of diarrhea. Some one-off offenders could just be the result of one drunken night. 

But with Toronto's fecal felon, the above scenarios don't apply. The fact that it has happened multiple times, hence the term serial pooper, shows that it is not just a one-off, and his alleged use of toilet paper indicates he is planning out these dumpings. 

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In cases such as this one, experts tend to agree that serial poopers are making a statement and basically giving society a big f*ck you. In most cases, there are some mental health issues at play. 

For some people who chose to publicly poop they may also experience what is called scatalogical tendencies. Basically, this means they are fascinated by their own poop and that may lead to a desire to take a dump in public. 

What is very clear is that Toronto's serial pooper is making some kind of statement, and while it may not be apparent yet what that is, whatever he is saying really stinks. 

Source: BBC

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