If you ever found yourself wondering, “I don’t remember the last time that Toronto weather was this bad” on Monday, the answer was 12 years ago. December’s first real battle with winter weather was so nasty that it actually broke a decade-old record this year. According to CityNews, Pearson airport reported that 9.4 cm of snow fell on Monday, which beat out the previously held record of 9.2 cm on December 2, 2007. I mean, we didn’t exactly annihilate our old stats, but it still counts.

The snowfall was so heavy that city crews are reportedly still working to clean up the mess it made on Tuesday morning.

The third round of sidewalk clearing is set to take place on Tuesday morning and continue throughout the day. Residents are also being told to call 311 if their local road has not been plowed.

The storm caused travelling conditions to become a total nightmare on Monday.

Delays of up to five hours were reported on Highway 401. It got so bad that at one-point that Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP found himself faced with a line-up of cars attempting to drive the opposite way on the roadway to escape the traffic, which is about as awkward as you'd imagine.

To make matters even more depressing, Weather experts are predicting that we will see more winters storms in December than we did last year thanks to a system of irregular patterns headed our way this month.

So, if you thought that the worse was probably behind us, you might want to think about fleeing the country for a bit, or at least until April.

Thankfully, as for as this week’s weather forecast is concerned, Monday was pretty much the worse of it.

680 NEWS meteorologist Jill Taylor reported the rest of the week would look calm in comparison.

“There is some possibility of some flurries for, pretty much, every day for the rest of the week, but we are below average, for the most part,” she explained.

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