You're probably going to be pretty restricted if you want to eat at a Toronto restaurant soon. Mayor John Tory announced on July 28 his recommendations for Toronto’s Stage 3 rules, which could look just a tad different than the rest of the province. The city still has not announced when it will move into stage 3.

The announcement came in a press release on Tuesday from the City of Toronto. The additional measures are for restaurants, bars, and common areas in condos or apartment buildings.

In terms of restaurants, Tory recommends that customers comply with contract tracing and do not stand while in an establishment — except to pay or go to the washroom.

If Toronto were to move forward into phase 3 without these additional recommendations, the ban on standing would only apply to patrons while they are drinking or eating.

Tory, though, wants it extended to the whole of a person's visit to a restaurant.

Phase 3 would see the opening of indoor seating for restaurants and bars — something Torontonians haven’t had access to in a while.

In the meantime, eating on patios or in parking lots has been the norm for almost a month now.

Patrons of restaurants have already been told not to enter buildings unless to pay or go to the washroom, so the new rule won’t come as a complete shock to a lot of Torontonians.

These recommendations may leave restaurant and bar owners struggling to implement proper protocols, as some bars haven’t even been able to comply with stage 2 standards.

Councillor Joe Cressy, Chair of the Toronto Health Board, addressed the recommendations within the release: “Stronger public health measures in high-risk areas like bars and restaurants [..] are real, tangible ways we can protect those most at risk.”

Tory reiterated that another hope is that the city will mandate the wearing of masks in shared spaces of condos and apartment buildings.

Up until this point, it has been on the shoulders of the owners and operators of condos and apartment buildings to implement masks.

The mayor said in Tuesday's press briefing that he has received numerous requests from tenants and residents for face coverings to be compulsory.

Mask exemptions would remain for young children and for those who are medically unable to wear one.


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