It looks like one Toronto grocery store was getting creative in their fight against COVID-19. On Wednesday, Toronto's Summerhill Market was spotted using a UV light machine at its checkout counters. The experimental device is reportedly being used to help remove germs from customer’s groceries.

In an email to Narcity, Company President, Brad McMullen, stated that they began using the machine, which is called the "XGerminator" on Wednesday as part of a new pilot project. 

The machine, which was set up at the end of the checkout counter at the Annex location, allowed the cashier to run all products through it before giving them to the customer. 

The XGerminator website states that as produce goes through the machine, a non-toxic UV-C light zaps the products and can sanitize 99.9% of surfaces in 30 seconds. 

According to McMullen, it took the store three weeks to modified its checkout counter to fit the machine. However, the device quickly began catching the eyes of curious customers.

“We modified our checkout counter to have the machine installed and started the pilot... The first day was a success in the fact that there was significant interest in it from the customers and everyone was excited to use it,” McMullen stated.

As ground-breaking as the UV light machine appeared, McMullen noted that the massive device would not be a permeant fixture for the grocery store.

Despite this, the grocer still considers the XGerminator to be a success and plans to bring the technology back in a more manageable way.

“We found was that the machine which isn’t built for a grocery store was just simply too big and too powerful a piece of machine to be working side-by-side in the small environment so now we are going to send this machine back and wait until they’re modified version for grocery stores is built,” McMullen wrote in his email.

However, this isn't the first move that local grocery stores have made in attempts to protect its customers.

Over the past few months, multiple stores have begun installing plexiglass dividers at registers. 


Some retailers, such as Longo's now require all customers to wear a facemask while entering their stores. 

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