Aura Dolls, a company which had hoped to open a sex doll brothel over four months ago in the North York area sparked outrage among residents of the North York and Toronto regions. Since then, the project was cancelled and the company grew quiet throughout the fall months. Now, there has been word that Aura Dolls has quietly opened a sex doll brothel in a new location in Toronto and they are keeping the details about it extremely secretive.

The company was forced to shut down their sex doll brothel some months ago when the city stated that if the brothel opened within the area of Yonge and Sheppard they would be charged, since the business did not fit the “definition of an adult entertainment parlor which is only allowed to operate in certain areas of Toronto,”.

In case you weren’t aware, Aura Dolls is a company which charges clients by the half-hour to spend intimate time with their life-sized silicon-based dolls. Other sex doll brothels have started to appear around Canada this past year.

Since the company was forced to shut down, Aura Dolls seemed to have opened again, yet they are keeping their location secretive to everyone but their clients. It is unaware of exactly when the company opened its doors for business, but it appears to have been this fall.

Some journalists have visited the location and described different buildings within their stories, making people wonder if the brothel has switched locations throughout the fall or if there is more than one location.

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Brian Smith, a journalist from Mel Magazine, wrote about his encounter when visiting the sex doll brothel in Toronto and outlined that the location was in an “empty industrial park 30 miles north of Toronto, in a two-story building which had a variety of other empty businesses such as a print shop and shipping company." He also talks about the interactions that he had throughout the appointment.

Everything about this new Aura Doll brothel is secretive. The owners of the location chose to remain anonymous and so is the location. Clients who wish to use the service have to book through the website first, later they will then receive a text of the address prior to their appointment to a location which is unmarked with any form of a company logo.

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The door of the location is reportedly locked until it is the scheduled time for your appointment and there is no staff that you are forced to interact with and all communication is done via text message. There are separate doors to enter and exit the brothel to ensure that you will not run into the next client.


It looks as if to avoid the controversy that Aura Dolls faced the first time, they have chosen a more private route while opening this newer Toronto location.


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