With the first weekend of Toronto's ticketing blitz underway, hundreds of officers took to the streets to help residents practice social distancing. During this time, it was reported that officers turned away hundreds of vehicles at both High Park and Bluffers Park as residents attempted to take advantage of the warmer weather. However, it seems that many residents were attempting to social distance. 

According to a news release, Toronto police turned away 800 vehicles in Bluffers Park over the weekend, with police stopping another 140 drivers as they tried to enter the popular High Park.

Despite a large number of people blatantly ignoring the city's recent shutdown, police only issued 19 parking tickets. The effort marked the first day of the police enforcement blitz.

Mayor John Tory told CityNews over the weekend that he is considering shutting down High Park during the cherry blossom season due to the large crowds it typically attracts.

Woodbine Park and Christie Pits were also among the "problem areas" identified over the weekend.

On a more positive note, Toronto officials did say that most people who visited city parks over the weekend did practice social distancing.

Still, 141 complaints were received regarding large gatherings and "unsafe behaviour."

Though many people in city parks are practicing physical distancing and only travelling in small groups from the same household.

In a press release on Saturday, the city commented on the response of locals due to the new restrictions.

"In many instances, where enforcement officers have spoken to park goers, people have responded positively to education about public health recommendations and willingly adjusted their behaviour," the statement noted.

A total of 10 tickets were issued in relation to people attempting to use the park's amenities.

Toronto Public Health also stated that it had received 28 complaints related to non-essential businesses who were still open despite being told to shut down.

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