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Chris De Castro highlights the best Toronto park to visit in the summer -- Trinity Bellwoods. Trinity Bellwoods is the perfect park to sprawl out on the grass, with your shades on and not a care in the world. Although, when you're sitting down with your friends in the park, you might notice people going around collecting cans. Who are these park police?

These "can collectors" usually go unnoticed in the park until now. You would not be able to enjoy the beauty of the park with cans sprawled across the grass -- now would you? Chris has created a video game revolving around the "wizards" (he calls them) who collect the cans to keep the park clean.

In the great city of Toronto there exists a grand park named Trinity Bellwoods. During the hot summer months swarms of people, mostly hipsters, sprawl across it's lush greens to enjoy the sun, sights and maybe a fine canned beverage. A plague of empty aluminum vessels would threaten the beauty of the land if not for the valor of a few wizards that use their magic to banish the scourge of cans.


With all of the 'hipsters' in the park -- the can collectors also have to be careful not to run into them. One of the many reasons might be that hipsters always carry hot coffee around and a spill like that could put a collector out of business!

Once the collector has done his/her part in the park it's time to see how much money has been made from the dirty hipsters in Trinity Bellwoods. It is a hard job picking up after the litter bugs, but you can walk in their shoes virtually through Chris' game. Hopefully this game will inspire the park dwellers to become 'wizards' on their own time and keep Trinity Bellwoods clean of cans.

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