Toronto Police are on the scene at Union Station, the main transportation hub of the city, where they are currently holding and searching a train on Union's main GO platforms. 

Police are responding to an ongoing robbery investigation. It is believed that the suspect is currently on a train from Barrie to Toronto's Union Station, a popular commuter line coming into the city. 

Police confirmed earlier that there was a heavy presence of emergency responders at the station, but originally did not specify what the investigation was for. Now, they have revealed they are working with Barrie police in an active investigation. 

The train has now arrived at Union Station, where police have blocked off the area and are currently aboard the train looking for the suspect. He is described as a white male in his 20s, wearing a white shirt, beige pants and a beige jacket. 

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Anne Marie Aikins, a spokesperson for Metrolinx, which runs the GO Train, says that while that train is being held on the platform, the rest of Union Station is open. 

Toronto Police were called to the scene shortly before 9 am. They believe the suspect boarded the train heading south to Union from Barrie, Ontario though they don't specify what time that was at. 

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Service on the Barrie GO Train line was delayed this morning by over half an hour for some trips, it is not known whether the delays and the investigation are related. 

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