Torontonians, grab your sunscreen. The 6ix was just rated one of the hottest places in Canada this summer, and the heatwave is expected to continue into this weekend. Toronto's weather forecast is even hotter than British Columbia. 

According to The Weather Network, Toronto is currently on track to record a whopping 20 days above 30 C this year.

The GTA typically averages less than 16 days above those temperatures, making this year one of the hottest that the city has had to face. 

In fact, Toronto has been under constant heat warnings this summer as humidex values have sat in the low 40s several times during the last couple of weeks.

"For some, it's been way too hot, as humidex values have crept into the low 40's at times, making the air feel pretty darn uncomfortable and downright dangerous for vulnerable populations," reads a statement from TWN.

When it comes to the rest of the country, Toronto is sitting on top for the longest heatwave. 

TWN reports that both Toronto and Montreal recorded 39 days where they have reached over 25 C this summer. This ties the two cities as the hottest places in Canada. 


Winnepeg follows closely behind with 36 days of hot weather, while Fredericton has hit 29 days. 

British Columbia, who is usually known for its beautiful weather, hasn't had a single day this summer where temperatures have hit over 25 C. 

Which makes it cooler than some parts of the Northwest Territories. 

Thankfully, Torontonians did get some relief this week as temperatures dipped into the mid-20s.

However, the reasonable warmth won't last long as daytime highs are expected to shoot back up into the mid-30s this weekend.

The increase in heat will also put the GTA at risk of a thunderstorm on Thursday and Sunday this week as well as Wednesday of next week.

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