While it was only months ago that we were enjoying nice drinks on patios and complaining about how hot it was, the feeling of summer is completely gone in the city. 

Toronto is most definitely well into fall and borderline winter weather today with the temperature currently sitting at a tragic four degrees. To make matters worse, even places like Alaska, the coldest state in the US are having nicer weather than us right now. 

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Even though Toronto's official temperature is sitting at 4 or 5 degrees, it actually feels like 0 degrees out there, meaning the city is literally freezing.  Meanwhile, in Alaska, they are enjoying temperatures around 8 or 9 degrees for the rest of the week.

If it's any condolence Alaska weather will soon be in the same boat as Toronto since both places are expected to get some snow and colder temperatures this weekend, a first of the season for Southern Ontario. 

If it's not bad enough that Alaska has it nicer than us right now, it's just as concerning that currently, Toronto is one of the coldest major cities in all of Canada, including places in not only Northern Ontario but also Northern Canada too. 

While Environment Canada's hourly weather tracker has Toronto at 4 degrees, traditionally colder places are even warmer. For example, Whitehorse is sitting at 5 degrees, Thunder Bay is at 7 degrees, and Halifax is at a balmy 13. 

As miserable as we may be in the city right now, it's important to remember that it could be worse. According to Environment Canada, the coldest spot in the country right now is actually Eureka, Nunavut where the temperature is only -32 degrees. 

If you are looking for an escape, you could consider getting away to the warmest spot in the country which Environment Canada reports is Maple Creek Saskatchewan, where they're experiencing summer weather and 21-degree temperatures. 

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