It seems that an ongoing turf war in the tow truck industry has left multiple vehicles in shambles over the past month. The war continues after five tow trucks were set ablaze on Wednesday morning, three of these fires happening just minutes between each other. York Police are currently investigating the incidents. 

According to CBC, Toronto Fire Services responded to three vehicle fires within minutes from each other in the Bathurst Road and Finch Avenue area of North York on Wednesday morning. 

Shortly after, two more fires were reported in the Richmond Hill area between 3:30 a.m and 4:00 a.m. 

One of these fires ended up spreading to a house, yet all residents were able to exit the building safely with no reported injuries. 

All five of the arson attacks targeted tow trucks and York Regional Police Insp. Christina Dawson told CBC that it is "likely" all the fires are connected.

However, this isn't the first time that multiple tow trucks have been set ablaze in one night across the GTA. 

In fact, it is suspected that these string of incidents are actually related to a turf war in the industry. 

Last week, Narcity reported that three tow trucks were set on fire in Hamilton in one night. 


While police are still investigating and have yet to confirm the exact reasoning behind the incidents, many drivers in the industry believe that the fires are being set due to the competition between drivers in the GTA. 

Last week, HTowing owner Zachary Bobolo told CBC that, "Being a tow truck driver in the city, I know where everybody lives. I think (the perpetrators) took out the trucks that are the most available to them."

It is believed that these fires are in fact a turf war between drivers in attempts to take competition off the roads throughout the GTA. 

York Police do believe that the cases from Wednesday morning may be connected. 

Just last month another tow truck in the North York area was actually set on fire and exploded during the middle of the night. 

It is unclear if this incident could also be connected to the ongoing investigation.  

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