It looks like party-goers who took to Trinty Bellwoods park last month may be in the clear. According to Toronto Public Health, there is currently "no evidence" that the massive turnout created more COVID-19 cases in the city. However, the City is still asking residents to keep their distance. 

On May 23, thousands of residents gathered in the popular park to enjoy the summer weather. 

Many were reportedly not following social distancing rules or wearing face coverings during this venture. 

Due to this, Ford prompted that anyone who had been at the gathering should be tested for COVID-19. 

Now, a little over two weeks after the incident took place, Toronto Public Health is stating that it looks like the gathering hasn't led to an increase in cases. 

In a tweet, the public health unit reported that "so far there has been no evidence of increased COVID-19 activity that can be linked to the gathering in Trinity Bellwoods Park."

However, it went on to say that 65% of positive cases reported since the gathering have been from close contact. 

The City is still reminding residents to keep their distance from others while heading to local parks over the upcoming weeks. 

"We urge residents to continue practicing physical distancing & to keep with members of your household only when going outside."

Since the social distancing mishap played out at the popular downtown green space, officials announced that they would be installing social distancing circles as guidelines for the public.

The City came out with rules stating that only two to three people can be in the circles at a time. 

Since then, it seems that the crowds at Bellwoods have ceased, as many empty circles can now be spotted in the area. 

According to reports, more young Ontarians are getting COVID-19.

On June 5, it was revealed that 43% of people in Hamilton who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days are in their 20s.

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