One of the 6ix's most popular parks was almost unrecognizable this weekend. Trinity Bellwoods Park, which is usually flooded with people during summer months, appears to have been deserted by Torontonians in the wake of this month's social distancing rules. Spooky photos of the nearly empty green space have appeared online. 

In the photos, scattered groups of people can be seen hanging out in the park's new social distancing circles.

It seems that many decided to stay indoors over the weekend, as multiple circles still appear to remain empty. 

Police presence also appears to have been ramped up in the area.

Mounted officer units have been photographed patrolling the park to ensure that people were practicing social distancing. 

The empty images are unrecognizable compared to the bumping footage that sparked controversy last week.

The painted circles, which were installed last week, were designed to ensure physical distancing at the popular hangout.

The idea was inspired by similar measures being taken by Brooklyn and San Francisco.

However, the circles won't allow you to hang with your entire friend group.

In fact, the safety measure is designed only to be large enough for three adults to sit crossed legged in. 

The move, which seems to be keeping people apart, comes after the park was filled with Torontonians last weekend. 

On May 23, a massive crowd of people gathered in the Trinity Bellwoods, ignoring social distancing rules, and causing all kinds of chaos.

It was reported that hundreds of eager people took to the park to enjoy the warm summer weather. 

The event made headlines after multiple party-goers turned the park into a massive washroom. 

Since the park's bathrooms were closed, residents were caught defecating on neighbours' front lawns throughout the day. 

After the incident, the City announced that public park restrooms would be reopening across the 6ix to help prevent this issue from happening again. 

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