As Torontonians are staying home and self-distancing, the TTC is now announcing that they will be helping out commuters who no longer wish to have an April pass. The transit agency announced on Friday morning that it would be waiving cancellation fees for commuters who are looking to cancel their TTC annual pass for next month. In order to bypass the fee, commuters will need to cancel their pass by March 22. 

While those who own a 12-month pass usually have to pay a fee when cancelling, the TTC is now stating that any user will be able to halt their pass for free. 

Those who wish to cancel their 12-month pass have to cancel their subscriptions before March 22. However, anyone who subscribes to the month to month service will have to cancel their cards slightly earlier on March 20.

Typically cancellations allow the TTC to charge customers for the difference between the fee of a regular TTC month pass and monthly payment under the Pass Product, as well as an administrative fee of $25.

"Monthly pass customers: we understand that your transit needs may have changed. If you do not need an April pass, please cancel your Autorenew by March 20," reads a tweet from the agency. 

"12 month pass customers who do not need their April pass should cancel their plan by March 22nd. TTC will waive all cancellation fees."

TTC states that customers will be able to sign up for the 12-month plan again when they feel ready to start using transit. 

The city's transit authority announced on Wednesday that TTC fare inspectors would no longer be fining people during the state of emergency.

The new rule states that enforcement officers will no longer be checking riders for proof of payment to keep in practice with social distancing policies.

Instead, they will be using alternative methods to deal with fare evaders.

The TTC sent out a letter to employees on Thursday warning that one of its workers had tested positive for COVID-19.



According to Stuart Green, a TTC spokesperson, a mechanic became the transit agency's first confirmed case of the virus after being sent home sick on March 11, 2020.

Green assured customers that this worker did not work in frontline service.

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