Two Scarborough families woke up to the sound of screeching metal last night after a TTC bus driver lost control of her vehicle and slammed into their homes. According to police, both of the houses were badly damaged in the incident, which has forced the families to temporarily evacuate their homes.

The bus, which was unoccupied at the time of the crash, reportedly veered off the road around 1:30 AM near Grackle Trail and Oasis Boulevard. It is unclear at this time how the driver lost control of the TTC vehicle, but neither driver or the homeowners were injured in the incident.

The driver was transferred to the hospital as a precaution after she appeared to be visibly shaken and confused by the accident. Enzo Ghanizada, a witness to the crash, told CBC that the driver managed to walk out of the bus by herself.

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"It was a very, very bad scene. She was just dazed. She came out, not sure what just happened. Very nervous and shaken up,” Ghanizada said.

Photographs of the accident show the devastating destruction inflicted upon the homes by the bus. One home's garage is completely caved in by the vehicle while the other’s balcony appears to have been destroyed due to sheer force of the bus:

Families were forced to spend the night hunkered down in a TTC bus, in what can only be described as a genuinely ironic turn of events. Engineers are expected to arrive on the scene this morning to assess the damage on both of the homes.

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Police have informed the stranded families that will not be able to return to their homes until Friday, at the very least.

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