The TTC had a rough commute Thursday morning after a derailment at St. George Station wreaked havoc on Line 1. Commuters shared their videos of the packed platforms on social media, and now Mayor John Tory is calling on an investigation on the delays. The TTC delays on Line 1 went from St. Clair West to Union stations, leaving hundreds of passengers attempting to pile onto shuttles. 

Mayor John Tory told reporters there wasn't enough communication between TTC crews and the public about the issue, according to City News.  

“Clearly there is an inadequacy, especially in the digital age, in the communication of that information the minute that those kinds of things happen,” Mayor Tory told reporters Thursday morning, according to City News. 

He affirmed that communication should not be this large of an issue in our digital age.

“There’s less and less excuse nowadays. In days gone by, you didn’t have this kind of digital communication and instantaneous information being conveyed. There really isn’t any reason anymore.”

According to CTV News, the service interruption was due to a work car derailment at St. George subway station. 

The issue began right before the morning rush hour at around 6 a.m.

Tory also reportedly stated that the TTC should consider refunding people who paid a fare this morning. 

“When it’s easy to see where people swiped and what time people swiped … it should be possible to do that,” Tory said.

Videos surfing online showed the chaos as around 100 shuttle buses were sent to pick up passengers.

There is no word on when the investigation will be underway, but passengers were offered a chance to ride the GO train at certain stations.

TTC spokesperson Kadeem Griffiths told Narcity that they can not confirm when regular travel times will resume.

However, crews are "making sure to work safely and not to rush the operation."


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